Residence William French

Bed and Breakfast

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Residence William French

Email Address: Click Here

Telephone Number: 021 786 1068

Address: 44 Dorries Drive

Website: Click Here

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A luxury 5 bedroomed home away from home, perched on the hill above Boulders Beach boasting amazing views of False Bay.

“When I dreamed this guest house I imagined evenings with friends mingling with guests – each of whom at that magical moment just before they arrive hold all the promise and possibility of new stories and fresh friendships – and even neighbours who’ve simply decided there’s something better cooking next door … This is intended to be a real guest house, not the loveless, over-stylised impersonal service of a boutique hotel. This is my home, where the door is always open and there’s always space at the table for one more.”

For William Fabre, Residence William French is the manifestation of a long thought-out vision.