Central Hotel Guest House


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Central Hotel Guest House

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Telephone Number: 021 786 3775

Address: 96 St. Georges Street, Simons Town

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Dating back to 1828, the Central Hotel Guest House forms part of Simon’s Town’s historical mile incorporating many years of memories in its ancient walls. Built by George Huskinson, it was here that Vincent and Grout’s omnibuses and post-carts collected and delivered the Royal Mail to the local postmaster. 

 In 1894 the building was bought by Ohlsson’s cape Breweries, from the estate George Bowern. It was converted into the Central Hotel and formed part of the breweries’ overall drive to own as many hotels as possible in order to promote beer sales. The hotel thrived until well after World War 2. 

 In 1987 the building was purchased by the Coetzee family and was owned and managed by Malinda coetzee until Peter Weng, Yunfang Chen and Aaron Lin became new owners early 2015.