​Simon’s Town - where nature and adventure meet

Thursday, 08 Oct 2020

Simon’s Town  - where nature and adventure meet

Come explore the coastal village of Simon’s Town, which is a mere 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, where you can explore a wide range of water sport and adventures during all seasons. Enjoy water bikes and kayaking, go diving or snorkeling or take a boat trip to view the Southern Right and Humpback whales. Diving or snorkeling will also take you up close to various shark species, dolphins, seals, and our African Penguin colony.

 Visitors who enjoy walks and views can visit Admiral’s Waterfall and the grave of the legendary Great Dane, Able Seaman Just Nuisance. From Barnard Street, walk straight on to the waterfall or go left up Klawer Steps to see the town and the Naval dockyard from an elevated position at the top of Redhill. Or drive up Redhill, follow the signage and enter the navy’s Signal School grounds to access both the war memorial and Just Nuisance’s resting place from a more level area. 

Self-drive visitors also have the choice of hopping onto a scooter to whizz around the peninsula, or book guided driving/walking tours and hiking experiences. Ocean Adventure Activities include the rental of Water Bikes, Kayaks, SUP's or boat trips.

 Other fabulous entertainment highlights for the whole family include nearby mini indoor Cave-golf at Scratch Patch Mineral World, and not to be missed, the most thrilling and famous night-time historical ghost tour through the centre of town past the wall of remembrance and ending in the historic burying ground where The Unknown Seafarer lies. 

 World class accommodation is on offer here, from a range of hotels, guesthouses or B&Bs, and self-catering establishments, to camping at Miller’s Point, with magnificent views from many vantage points. With no shortage of good restaurants, wonderful fresh seafood and coffee shops,  our visitors are spoilt for choice with excellent food and decadent patisserie!

Make Simon’s Town your home-base when visiting the Cape and return at the  end of a busy day to enjoy the beauty and tranquility the town has to offer. Or, come visit for the day and enjoy the host of wonderful activities on offer.