Monday, 12 Oct 2020

Simon’s Town offers so much for young and old, throughout the year!  Here are our Top 5 activities for kids:

•  Scratch Patch Mineral World:  Have loads of fun “scratching” for your favourite tumble-polished gemstones from the thousands of shiny gems that quite literally cover the floor.  This is an inexpensive visit, popular with all ages, and being surrounded by so many colourful stones is a memorable and uplifting experience. More and more people are starting to believe that these treasures from the earth have certain “powers” and sifting through so many beautiful smooth gemstones certainly seems to have a calming effect on many visitors, especially children! 

• Cave Golf This highly-rated, fun and challenging 18-hole course meanders downwards from the back of the Scratch Patch and through a series of underground areas that feature rock walls, some highly imaginative cave and mine obstacles and ancient relics, an underground waterfall and fabulous mineral displays that are embedded in the surrounding rock, just as they were when originally discovered. There’s even a section that is lit only by UV light, and each hole has been thoughtfully designed and constructed, and carefully finished to a very high standard. People of all ages love it!  

•  Visit Boulders Beach & swim with penguins:  "Boulders" is a very special little beach, so named for the large boulders which lie semi-submerged encircling the bay and sheltering  it from prevailing winds which in turn also ensures  calm, clear waters – perfect for swimming.  It is a world-famous haven for the 'African Penguin'. They are accustomed to visitors and will walk down from the boulders past sunbathers on their way to the water. They love to 'sun' themselves on the huge boulders or to swim in their short darting fashion in the water.  But beware, little fingers can easily be mistaken for a snack, so observe the three-meter rule, keep your distance, and don’t try to touch or feed the penguins. Just enjoy watching them from a distance so kiddies and penguins can all enjoy the beach.

• Cape Town Water Bikes Gliding across the ocean on the world’s most advanced water bike is a totally new and unique way to experience the incredible marine environment of False Bay – renowned for its stunning ocean and mountain views and marine wildlife, including whales, dolphins, seals and the famous African Penguin colony.  These premium water bikes are silent, do not produce any emissions, do not require fuel and they will allow you to safely explore without an environmental footprint. You get a different perspective of your surroundings because you are elevated quite high off the water when sitting on a water bike. A great activity for the whole family!  

•  Walk to Admiral’s Waterfall:  This is a really easy short hike with beautiful views of Simon’s Town harbour. Take the footpath at the end of Barnard Street and proceed up the gentle slope. There is a drop to one side but if your kids are on strict “hiking instructions” to never leave the path, they will be absolutely fine. Peeping down over the edge, they should be able to spot dassies down below enjoying the sunshine, and once you round a sharp bend, you’ll be struck by the view of the deep ravine. The Admiral's Waterfall and pool is tucked away at the top. Plan to picnic here and let the kids play in the water… and clamber around… 


Admirals Waterfall